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F & B ASSISTANT (Kitchen orientation)

CieCAS is Recruiting a F&B Assistant (Kitchen Orientation)!


1. Passionate on food and cooking

2. Trained in a regular culinary school

3. Passionate to learn, proactive, self-disciplined, responsible, good teamwork spirit

4. Have basic ability in English (Listening, speaking, reading and writing)

5. Familiar with Office softwares


1. Provide kitchen support to chef instructors before, during and after the programs or events;

2. Assist chefs to prepare materials, check equipment and ingredients before class starts;

3.Assist to rearrange kitchen and service materials when class finishes.

4. During the class, provide teaching support to chefs, manage teaching equipment, and keeps the kitchen tidy;

5. Assist chefs to make ingredient purchasing list and put the order;

6. Assist chefs to complete new product research and development on a regular basis;

7.Assist chefs in administrative work (work on menu management systems such as BirchStreet, CalcMenu, etc)

8. Follow CieCAS hygiene and operating standards in all work to ensure the smooth progress of teaching.

What we offer to you

1.Fair & competitive payroll

2. Opportunities for chefs’ hands-on training

3. Opportunities to work with celebrities and personages in the industry

4. Opportunities for continuous professional growth

5. Opportunities to become an instructor assistant

6. High-quality industry resources

7. Vibrant and exceptional working environment

8. Staff lunch

9. Social insurances and provident fund, paid annual leave, etc. (for full-time)


Please send your CV to, Julie Zhou. Please also attach a professional photo. We will notify you the interview arrangement within one week, please wait patiently.

Brief introduction of CieCAS

CieCAS is a consulting and dual education provider focusing on food and beverage development. We offer professional and lifestyle classes including team-building activities through cooking. Learning and use it immediately in life is what CieCAS stands for.

CieCAS is located Zhongshan International Plaza, Building B, 1st Floor, No. 789 West Tianshan Road, Shanghai (close to Song Hong Metro Station, Metro Line 2, exit 4)Please contact our website if you would like to know more about what CieCAS has to offer: www.ciecas.cnor contact us: 4008218929.


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