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CieCAS 餐饮助理招聘中!

CieCAS is Recruiting a F&B Assistant!


任职要求 Requirements


  1. 热爱美食和厨房工作

Passionate on food and cooking

  1. 知名厨艺学校毕业

Graduated from a reputable culinary school

  1. 热爱学习、主动、自律、团队配合能力强

Passionate to learn, proactive, self-disciplined, responsible, good teamwork spirit

  1. 英语听说读写流利

Fluent in English (Listening, speaking, reading and writing)

  1. 熟悉Office办公软件系统

Familiar with Office softwares


工作职责 Responsibilities


  1. 为教学主厨提供教学翻译(英翻中,中翻英)

Provide translation service for chefs (EN-CH, CH-EN);

  1. 协助主厨进行食材采购订单的制作及下单;

Assist chefs to make ingredient purchasing list and put the order;

  1. 课前协助主厨准备物料、检查设备和食材;

Assist chefs to prepare materials, check equipment and ingredients before class starts;

  1. 课程结束后协助整理厨房用具。

Assist to rearrange kitchen and service materials when class finishes.

  1. 课程配合主厨教学、管理教学用具、保持厨房整洁;

During the class, provide teaching support to chefs, manage teaching equipment, and keeps the kitchen tidy;

  1. 协助主厨定期完成新品研发;

Assist chefs to complete new product research and development on a regular basis;

  1. 为客座主厨、咖啡师、调酒师提供所需支持;

Provide necessary support to invited chefs, baristas, mixologists;

  1. 协助市场部完成线下或线上推广、媒体活动;

Assist the marketing department to conduct offline or online promotion and media activities;

  1. 在所有工作中遵循CieCAS的卫生和运营标准,保证教学工作顺利进行。 Follow CieCAS hygiene and operating standards in all work to ensure the smooth progress of teaching.

What we offer to you 我们可以为您提供


  1. 公平&有竞争力的薪酬

Fair & competitive payroll

  1. 主厨手把手进行培训的机会

Opportunities for chefs hands-on training

  1. 与业内知名人士共事的机会

Opportunities to work with celebrities and personages in the industry

  1. 持续实现职业成长的机会

Opportunities for continuous professional growth

  1. 成长为专业助教的机会

Opportunities to become an instructor assistant

  1. 优质行业资源

High-quality industry resources

  1. 充满活力、氛围超棒的工作环境

Vibrant and exceptional working environment

  1. 员工午餐

Staff lunch

  1. 险一金、带薪年假等(全职

Social insurances and provident fund, paid annual leave, etc. (for full-time)


有意者请投递简历至, Julie Zhou收。另请附职业照一张。我们在收到一周内即会通知面试,请投递简历后耐心等待。


Please send your CV to, Julie Zhou. Please also attach a professional photo. We will notify you the interview arrangement within one week, please wait patiently.


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CieCAS-Job Application-Name-Mobile Number


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