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05 Juillet 2019


We will send a notice to the relevant government departments to provide gifts for the 70th anniversary of the new China.
All WeChat groups should be further strengthened.
No matter what time or place, we can not post the information on the country, the party, or the illegal information in WeChat, and publish it on WeChat. WeChat groups and individuals who are on the topic of the state, the party, and the society will be seriously dealt with in the anti-corruption action and will be subject to legal sanctions. We hope that all WeChat groups will strictly require all personnel in this group to control their mouths, manage their hands, and not believe in swearing, rumors, or swearing, or they will be at their own risk.
Those who violate the national laws and regulations and issue illegal information can be sentenced to a maximum of one to eight years in prison, and the principle of high is not low, and the owners bear joint and several liability. I hope to tell each other.
From now on, the WeChat  network will be strictly checked for safety.
The group of more than ten people will be tested by the network police to take automatic control and inspection.
For the safety of each WeChat group, it is hoped that each micro-group must be conscious, self-disciplined, self-policing, self-awakening, and no more sensitive information should be sent to a group of more than ten people! WeChat group has been legislated, and now WeChat group has background monitoring and management. Please send a message to friends in the group to pay attention to:

1. Politically sensitive topics are not issued
2. Don't believe it, don't tell you
3. The so-called internal information is not issued
4. Involving yellow, involving drugs, explosive, terror and other information is not sent
5. News about Hong Kong, Macao and Taiwan will not be sent before the official website is released.
6. Military information news is not issued
7. No relevant documents related to state secrets will be issued.
8. Unverified various forms of fundraising will not be issued!
9. All kinds of small programs, such as canvassing, do not send!
10. Must abide by the law.